Microbial growth, often caused by water intrusion can cause health problems, and costly damage to your home Sick Building Syndrome'. For all families health is priceless, and for most, their home is their largest single investment. Hazardous conditions in the home are often attributable to water seepage, through minor structural defects

Protect the health of your family and your financial future!!!

Here are three important points you can not ignore:

1. Don't live in a home with a toxic mold problem. This can subject your family to a dangerously unhealthy environment. Breathing in toxic mold spores can cause many respiratory diseases as well as n asal and sinus congestion, burning eyes, dry, hacking cough, & sore throat .

2. Don't buy a house with an existing mold or mildew issue. Homes with these problems experience great losses in property value. These problems will force huge cleanup costs upon you, and make your home difficult to insure or sell in the future.

3. Don't sell a home with undisclosed issues, or risk selling a home with an underlying toxic mold problem. To reduce your liability, contact us for a mold inspection!

Please CALL for more information and to schedule an inspection.

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#3:  Mold can start
to grow if any organic materials remain wet
for more than 48-72
hours. To control mold growth, control moisture
inside buildings or limit available organic food sources for mold


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